Quick Setup > Personalizing the access point for your business

Customizing your Hotspot to suit your site is one of the fun and rewarding things you can do with the Hotspot. Most of the features available are in support of this function.

These functions can be broken down into the following areas:


Changing the password required to access the operator panels, viewing and managing users, and defining "magic" internet sites that your customers don't need a ticket to access.

Site Logo Customization

Here you can change the graphic logo that displays when a user accesses your Hotspot, or the logo printed on your tickets. You can also customize the login and welcome text displayed to users.

Site Login Customization

The words used to greet new users as they login can be customized here. If you are familiar with HTML (the language of the web), or know some one that is, you can get quite fancy. Of course you can view any changes you make with the Show Login menu option.