Quick Setup > Printing your first tickets

Printing new tickets is one of the most common tasks you will perform for your Hotspot.

To print new tickets, you access the Operator panel and select the Generate Tickets menu.

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You can generate tickets which allow access from as short a time as 15 minutes to as long as a year. Most often you would generate 15 minute tickets as "free samples", and longer tickets for sale or as a bonus for being a good customer. Really long tickets, like a year's access, are usually reserved for an employee or office system attached through the same Hotspot network. Select your desired ticket timeframe, and hit the button. Tickets will be generated. Note: If you have a popup blocker running on your browser, you will have to disable it temporarily.

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A page of 10 tickets will be automaticly generated, ready for printing through your browser's normal printing interface. Each ticket has a unique access code, a usage time, and an expiry date after which an unused ticket cannot be activated.