You decide the pricing and revenue.

It's your business and your customers. It's your internet connection. Charge whatever you think is fair, or give it away as an added service to your customers.

Controlled Internet access through system generated access codes.

The system generates access codes and presents them on "tickets" which you then print and hand out to customers as required. Without a valid ticket, customers cannot gain access to the network.

Easy customization for site recognition.

It's your wireless network, you should be able to advertise it as such when your customers use it. Hotspot in a Box is easily "brandable" through a few simple menus anyone can learn to use.

Configurable, unrestricted access to specified web sites.

If you have an existing web site for your business, you can configure the Hotspot to allow access to your web site without the need for an access code.

Range extension through additional units configured in a wireless mesh.

If a single wireless hotspot does not give complete coverage to your location, you can add mesh nodes, allowing you to operate your whole wireless network as a seamless "wireless mesh". Mesh nodes do not require a wired network connection (only power), they connect back to the main unit wirelessly.

Extend wired connections without the cost of additional wiring.

By the use of mesh nodes, you can extend your "wired" network into new areas without the need for wires. Each of the nodes can be connected to wired systems which then become part of the overall mesh network.

Use existing broadband internet connection.

Many businesses already have an internet connection. Hotspot in a Box uses an existing internet connection, either directly attached to the internet or configured to route out through your existing firewall. If you don't have an internet connection, you can obtain one through your local Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Self contained control and management.

Checkbox is completely self contained. All operator functions are contained on-board, accessed through your computer browser.

Optional network monitoring / management.

For sites that require high availability, we offer an optional network monitoring and management package.