How it works

Your customers "join" the wireless network through the Hotspot access point. At this point, they are "on" your wireless network, but they are restricted in where they can go. They cannot go anywhere on the internet, or even on your own network. They are blocked at the Hotspot access point. They cannot pick up mail, use a VPN connection, browse the web, or any internet (or intranet) services whatsoever. Until they enter an access code you supply to them, they are totally blocked at the access point.

As soon as they use their browser to go anywhere on the internet, they will be presented with a screen similar to the following.

BC Hotspot
Easy Wireless Internet Hotspots, a caveman could do it.

Demonstration system. Public access not yet available. Contact BC Hotspot

The customer then enters their access code and is allowed access to the internet for a specific amount of time. The particular code they enter comes from a "ticket" that you create (using the on-board management panels) and supply to them. Each ticket has a unique number/code and a time for which it is valid.

Note that it states "similar" above. The Checkbox login page can be customized to your particular location very easily, allowing you to promote your own business. Here is another sample:

Sun 'n Surf

Please enter your ticket number in the space below.